Rachel Martley

Photography :)

My own photography, most of this is probably landscapes as the only chance I really get to go out with my camera is when I'm…
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Rachel Martley
Rachel Martley Nov 01, 2013


nbsp; (Photographer: Danielle Arnold) Meet Augustus-Franklin, my brand new eight month old baby Russian Tortoise. I have only had him for three weeks and he already has…
Summer sun, don't leave us now that it's only just begun...pic

"Summer sun, don't leave us now that it's only just begun..."

Summer Sun - Athlete. I bought new flowers! I decided to go for something a little more summery which will make me smile when I wake…


I'm just getting ready to write my post for Adding to the Noise and I thought I'd leave an update on what's been going and…

"My hero, she's the last real dreamer I know..."

Mayday Parade: No Heroes Allowed. I took this picture a few weeks ago with my friends camera; a camera of which I have to return next…
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Rachel Martley
Rachel Martley Jun 14, 2012

Adding to the Noise - FUN.

I remember back when Paramore was still, well, Paramore (as we once knew them before Josh and Zac Farro left) and my friend and I…


Whenever I go to write an update about what I've been up to - thinking it's really cool - by two paragraphs in, I've already…

SBTV: Adding to the Noise - Ben Howard

Ben Howard SBTV have once again given us another addicting song by a well known artist; first the popular Ed Sheeran with some good ol' Nizlopi…

Adding To The Noise: Athlete

Athlete It's been a while since I've done an 'adding to the noise' blog, but my Foster The People post seemed to go down really well. So…

GO HUG YOUR PET! Shaytards wish Malachi goodnight.

Yesterday, millions of ShayCarl/ShayTard fans and YouTubers wished the famous You Tube Great Dane, Malachi goodbye. At the age of nine, he was put to…
Finally changing my profile picture :pic

LUSH PRODUCTS; BB Seaweed Face Mask

Last Friday, I finally came out of Lush with something. I usually just go in and have a look around, but I finally caved. And…

I'm baaaaack :)

I've noticed it's been a while since I've blogged in general. A few months ago I finally got around to deleting my blogspot, but I'm…

(TUMBLR) Head Up, Heart Strong.

Yep, this is it. I'm joining in with all this Tumblr'ing. So follow me, or link me to yours and I shall follow :)
Rachel Martley
Rachel Martley Dec 10, 2011

Reality Check.

I've spent this week around screaming one to five year olds for my work placement. Let's just say it's not my... 'thing' and I thought…
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Rachel Martley
Rachel Martley Dec 09, 2011


It's true; you guys jinxed me! Four years ago, I got my lobes peirced but had to take them out two days later because it swelled…
You've got magic inside your fingertips...pic

"You've got magic inside your fingertips..."

Colbie Caillat - Magic. [[I took this picture a few weeks ago when I decided to take my dreamcatchers to my local country park. I'm not…


Charles Trippy and Alli Speed (or should I say Trippy?!) recently took twitter by storm and trended worldwide under the CTFXC wedding; not to mention…
Oh Kindle how I love you.pic

Oh Kindle; how I love you.

If you hadn't heard, my Kindle stopped working on Wednesday evening. I called the Kindle Team yesterday afternoon who told me I'd recieve a replacement…


It's one thing when you have no laptop for a week (seriously, I'm getting the shakes) but having no Kindle? Now that's a totally different…
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